An incessant doodler, my wife, Lori Stotko, draws wherever she is. Many years ago, I challenged her to draw with her eyes closed and discovered she can draw better than me with my eyes open. I turned the lights out, handed her a flashlight and sat her in front of my camera. Light Doodles was born.

I am Stuart Nafey, the photographer. I have experimented with long exposure and light drawing photography for years. I believe this is the most fun you can have with a camera.

We hail from Half Moon Bay, California. Besides creative photography, we play jazz, fish and have a long history of day jobs.

We participated in several Maker Faire events where we demonstrated and taught the art of light drawing for which we were graciously presented with an Editor’s Choice award. We were amazed that folks happily waited in line to participate.

We now offer these exotic and entertaining portrait sessions for your private event throughout the San Francisco bay area. Think outside the photo booth. We guarantee you will be glad you hired us.

Looking down a tube of colored lights