Light Painting at the Treat Social Club

Light Doodles has been invited to perform at the Treat Social Club, Tuesday August 21. The club is a total multimedia immersion experience of live music, video, dance and acrobats and we are excited to be a part.

This month features Sascha Jacobsen from Musical Art Quintet and Trio Garufa and he’s put together quite a lineup of new works, collaborations and interactivity. Aside from the amazing tango dancers from Argentina, we have the aerial work of the one and only Sasha Harrington, an amazing dance collaboration inspired by the Sri Lankan Demon Dances, a dusting off of Hijack The Band and the amazing crepes of Madame Crepe.

Come back here on Wednesday to see portraits and drawings made at the event.

A light drawing of a couple dancing the tango.

Tango is the highlight at this month’s Treat Social Club.

Horsing Around – Photo Booth Tips

Photo Booth Tips

Long exposure photography requires endless experimentation and innovation. We are constantly searching for lights, objects and materials for our ever expanding collection of light painting tools. Sheer scarves and cold cathode light helped bring this horse head back from another dimension.

A blur of colors surrounding a horse's head